Niche Themed MOBI Sites and Mobile Apps

We offer pre-built themed MOBI sites and Mobile Apps for over 40 niches.  After supplying us with your logo, choosing some color options, page content for product and services you offer  and your contact info we can have your site or app ready to use in a matter of days.

GoSocial MOBI Niche Mobile Themes GoSocial MOBI Niche Mobile Themes

Local Niche Businesses Rarely Compete Against Each Other

We are often asked, will others have a site or app like mine?  The answer is yes, but consider that local niches typically compete within a 250 square mile area.  Businesses that are a 100 miles from each other do not compete for local business?  A niche local business in Dallas does not compete against the same niche local business in New York.Review our niche themes and see if they fulfill your needs.  When you purchase our niche themed products your are getting  customers are getting the benefit of leverage, meaning we share improvements we discover with all Niche Theme customers automatically.

Great Features & Graphics At A Very Low Price

Graphics and features of each niche theme are built to meet the typical needs of the niche.  Our Niche themed MOBI Sites and Mobile Apps are offered for as low as $297.

Uniqueness or Success?

What you want is site or app that is built to the highest standards with state-of-the-art features.  If someone 1,000 miles away from you has a similar Theme, but with there Logo and contact details do you really care?  The chances of someone 1,000 miles away pulling up both sites is almost impossible given today’s current local search technology.  It is simply the reality of leverage!  We build great Themes with great Features and offer it to many that want the best, at affordable prices, but know they don’t directly compete against each other.  You get the benefit of the “best” and most “effective” without paying the price to build a custom site or app.  Or said another way, you get the benefits of a Franchise without the costs.

Examples of Unique Features Needed For A Niche

If you are a restaurant  you need a menu, ordering, coupons, shout-outs for deals when your restaurant has empty tables or the kitchen is not busy if you are a “take-out.”  There is no better way to increase your business than to hit a predefined button and it sends out a message to every mobile that says, “get here in the next 10 minutes and everything is 30% off” or “get here in the next 20 minutes and 20% on everything.”

Constant Improvement

When we find our Niche Themes can be improved, we then make changes to all our niche Themes.  We are constantly testing and improving our them so you are getting the latest and most effective technology offered.  You get this automatically as part of our Niche Theme customer base.

Go Custom – Unique and Successful

If you want a Custom site and are willing to pay the additional cost of custom, we are here to serve you.  We will not share your custom features with our Niche Theme customers, but realize if we find advancements, success or features that improve our Niche Theme customers, we may have to charge you to include them into your Custom website or app.  Hopefully we can also upgrade your custom application and you benefit from our Niche Theme customers.



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