Click to Call (or Tap-to-Call)

GoSocial Mobi Tap A Call delivers new business instantly

A mobile-only feature that’s extremely popular and drives immediate business to you is Tap-to-Call or Click-to-Call.  A Tap-to-Call button is place strategically on your MOBI Site and/or Mobile App and when the visitor taps the button, their cell phone instantly makes a call to you.

How easy is that?  If the visitor was on a non-mobile website and they are driving, finding the number and then entering it could be an accident waiting to happen.  Tap-to-Call is quick, easy and eliminates the frustrating steps mobile visitors typically won’t do, especially if they are driving.

Its a proven fact, mobile users would rather do business with a business that offers them a mobile environment and they will likely tell their friends too.

Why not put a Tap-a-Friend button underneath Tap-to-Call so your new customer and easily send a shout-out to all their friends to check your site out.  Why not give them an additional bonus for doing so?  Another feature available from GoSocial Mobi.



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