What Are Business Mobile Apps?

Business mobile apps are different than MOBI Sites, they are applications that must be downloaded and installed on a mobile device.  They are not intended for infrequent visitors, but for customers who need/want to stay in touch with you on a constant basis.  These applications can be placed on iTunes, Android or Google Market places and then be downloaded by your customers.  The installed application contains content and graphics that does not have to be downloaded and the user can review information even thought they are not connected to the Internet.  Typically data is the only thing that is transmitted to the mobile app as opposed to a MOBI Site where everything must be downloaded.

Mobile apps typically have features which support frequent interaction between a customer and a business.  We offer Mobile Theme Apps and Custom Apps.  We offer Theme Apps at low prices and the features and graphics are designed for the type of related business.  They can typically be delivered or place on iTunes, Google or Android Online Market places in a matter of days.  All we need is for you to pick the Theme for our wide selection, send us your logo graphics and contact information.  Often you can pick a color change which is application to the entire application.

Why Do You Need Them?

Mobile marketing is different from marketing to PC users in one crucial way – it’s all about engagement.  People don’t just use their mobiles to read and digest content.   They use them to do things.  Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be as interactive as possible so that your customers are fully engaged, and the way to do this is through apps.

An app is an interactive software program and feature examples include:

Simple ways to contact you: tap-to-call, tap-to-email or tap-to-text
Mapping with GPS to navigate to your location or find the nearest location
Arraign an appointment, confirm or reminders
Simple Buttons that text “I am running late” (5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 mins)
Order system where they can order goods from you on their phone
An inspirational saying of the day or an online journal
Thank you for your purchase and being our customer

It can be anything that your customers interact with that’s also related to your business.

User Experience 

The way people use the mobile Web is entirely different from the PC Web.  When you surf the Internet on your computer, you’re sitting at your desk in a nice chair with a hot cup of coffee.

Mobile Web surfers are on the bus, on the couch, walking, at work, and hopefully for our safety not driving.   They’re on the go and what this means is that they have ZERO patience.

Native vs. Web-Based Apps

There are two types of apps – native and web-based.  Native apps are downloaded and run directly on the mobile device.  They’re just like other downloadable software programs that save files on your computer.  You use a web-based app through a website. Facebook apps, for example, are web-based.  You don’t download them but use them on Facebook.

Presently, native apps offer better engagement for users because they’re more personalized.  They tend to out-perform web-based apps.

Ideas for Apps

When it comes to developing apps, the best practice is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think of something they could use.  What would make your life easier? For first time app developers, it’s tough to do that, so here are three typical ideas for apps.

Advertising Apps.  These apps give them something to do while also delivering your advertising messages.  It could be a game they play sponsored by your website. If they love it and use it every day, this means daily contact with your brand.  Ideally, the game’s theme is related to your business.  If you sell sporting gear, it might be a snowboarding game.  However, it doesn’t have to be related.

Scanning Apps.  A wide range of apps are based on scanning technology.  They scan a code with their phone and it automatically gives them the deal, the map, the coupon, the information, or whatever else you’re offering.  Scanning apps are nice for users because it’s hard to enter text into a mobile.

Ordering Apps.  Ordering apps make the process of ordering goods or services from you easier for them.  A number of restaurants use ordering apps so that customers can make their order before they arrive.  An example would be an app where you build your own sandwich and order, and then it’s waiting for you when you get there.

Mobile apps are a powerful way to market your business. Your customers will be in touch daily with your company and when they need your products or services, you’re the one they’ll call.  Put yourself in their shoes and imagine something that would make their lives much easier.  Then, once you’re offering the app, seek customer feedback and make improvements.  A good app will get excellent results for your business.

Our Mobile Theme Apps offer the following features:

Appointment Requests & Reminders
Products & Service Content Pages
Contact Us5

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  We also offer Custom Mobile Applications.  Our designers will work with you to create a custom design with your choice of colors, graphics and features.  Please click the button below to request a FREE Quote.


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