MOBI Sites

MOBI sites are specially designed websites for visitors using smart phones, smaller iPads or tablets.  A MOBI site can be built very quickly and inexpensively, big-man-phonewe offer MOBI sites starting at $297 A typical responsive or adaptive website might cost $1,000’s and may not be the best solution for smart phone visitors.  A MOBI site can easily be added to an existing non-mobile website.  When a mobile user searches for a type of business or service (niche) or a business by name, a simple script will detect their device type.  If they are on a mobile device the script will automatically redirect them to your MOBI site.  MOBI sites should only feature content and call-to-actions suited for those on the go.

There is no need to present an entire website for infrequent mobile visitors, they will not spend the time.  Mobile searches have now surpassed 50% of all local business searches.  MOBI sites are designed to give the first time, or infrequent visitor  the critical information they typically want in a format that is easy to read.  Normally, mobile visitors quickly want the following information:

Local providers of products and services
Company name
Business hours
Address and map
Phone number
Email address
Basic company information

Probably the most important items to put on the MOBI site home page are Tap-to-Call, Tap-to-Text or Tap-to-Email buttons.  Another important feature is maps and even navigation to your business from current locations using a smart phones GPS feature.

If your website is greater than 5 pages we highly recommend you consider a MOBI Site.   Its a big effort to squeeze an entire website usually designed for a 19″ monitor or larger down to a 3.5″ screen.  A mobile visitor is very unlikely to scroll through an entire PC based website on a 3.5″ screen smart phone.  If they do want to see main site, put a link on the MOBI site home page.  Even visitors using a 9.7″ iPads may not be appropriate for Adaptive or Responsive sites, unless they are designed properly and that costs a lot more money.

MOBI sites are not downloaded to a mobile device, that is a Mobile App.  Mobile apps are typically used when there is frequent contact with a merchant, vendor or professional service.

Again, we recommend you start your GO Mobile project with a MOBI site.  Then consider a Mobile App and last consider a new website or rebuild your current site to be responsive or adaptive.


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