Non-Mobile Websites Are Like Hanging a “Closed” Sign On Your Front Door!

Sorry Closed

Almost everyone on the planet has a mobile device these days and they are typically within reach almost 24/7.  When a mobile user visits a non-mobile website, 61% leave instantly.  67% say they are more willing to buy from a mobile-ready site.  Mobile searches will hit 50%+ of all searches in 2014, according to Google and mobile local business searches have already passed 50%!  Google says 75% want mobile sites, unlocking a great opportunity for any business that is mobile-ready now.  Simple math says mobile-ready sites increase chances for new business by over 400%.  Non-mobile businesses are seeing website related new business drop daily.  And worse, current customers may leave a business because they prefer to deal with mobile-ready businesses.   Watch the videos to the right to learn more.

If 85% of Today’s Websites Are Not Mobile-Ready, Then Only 15% Are Getting Most of the Mobile Business!

Modern websites must detect a visitor’s device, adjust to smaller device screens or 61% are likely to leave immediately.  Non-Mobile websites probably look like the examples on the left shown below.  The example on the far left has Flash, Apple does not support Flash any longer and iPhone’s and iPad’s get blank screens or error messages.  The middle example shows a non-mobile website on a 3.5″ mobile screen.  The example on the far right is a mobile-ready site.  Not cluttered, easy to read with call-to-action buttons ready to get you instant business.


A typical PC monitor is approximately 190 square inches, an iPhone screen is 6.5 square inches, or 96% smaller.  Pretty good reason why its difficult to read anything on the “Not Mobile-Ready” example?  You need pretty small fingers to navigate or a magnifying glass to see the navigation or read the text?  A modern website must detect the type of visiting device and immediately adjust.  Good mobile sites must immediately adapt.  Mobile users are in a hurry, want to see basic information, be able to push a button for auto dial and expect navigation or maps to the business location.  If 61% leave a non-mobile site instantly and 75% of mobile searches end up as purchases does mobile makes sense?  Duh!  As mobile continues to grow in the coming mobile dominated marketing world, non-mobile sites will become a “Dodo” bird and almost worthless.

What is a Mobile-Ready Website?

Mobile-ready websites can be “responsive”, “adaptive” or “MOBI“.  All mobile-ready sites must detect the visitor’s device (PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows 8) and present the appropriate mobile presentation.  The correct mobile presentation is determined by the screen size and screen resolution.  We will talk about Mobile Apps, which are different than responsive, adaptive or MOBI sites later.

Which Mobile-Ready Option is Best?

Responsive and adaptive sites require a new website, or an existing website to be totally rebuilt.  MOBI sites do not require an existing site to be rebuilt.  A simple script is placed into your existing site, when a mobile device visits, it is automatically directed to the MOBI site.  A MOBI site is designed to provide only the information a mobile visitor wants.  MOBI is the first option to consider.

Why MOBI first?  Well a good MOBI site can be delivered quickly and for less than $500.  Add a MOBI site first, then evaluate the need to rebuild your existing PC – Laptop website.  Rebuilding a website into a “responsive” or “adaptive” mobile-ready site can cost $2,000 to $10,000 from most providers and take months to deliver.  If you have an older site, or a site with Flash, solve the immediate problem with a MOBI site.  Hopefully, the increased business from a MOBI site will help pay for the modernization of a current non-mobile website later.

Does a MOBI Site Increase Sales and Profits?

YES!  A recent survey says 84% of small businesses see an immediate increase in sales & profits after going mobile.  If you don’t have a mobile site the math suggests you might need 278 visitors to get 1 new customer.  Based on the research, the math indicates a mobile site with the same traffic would deliver 16 new customers!  If an average sale is $100, the annual difference could $18,000 or more!  For as low as $297, what are you waiting for?

Examples of MOBI Sites

GoSocial Mobi sites

Notice the graphic at the top of each example, it tells visitors what the business does, it offers a vital “Call to Action” statement and then a “Tap-to-Call” button.  Simply hit that button and you phone rings!  If 75% of mobile searches lead to a sale, why would anyone not be mobile-ready?

What Other Features Should a Good Mobile-Ready Site Have?

In addition to the items mentioned above…

Buttons for Tap-to-Text or Tap-to-Email
About Us Page
General Products & Services Info Pages
GPS Navigation or Mapping to Your Business Location
Tap-a-Friend (Tell your friends about the great site)

Get a Mobi Site Starting at Only $297!  Don’t Delay This Low Price Will Not Last!

It’s time to take action before the competition beats you to it.  Act now, this price could change at any time!


We also offer “responsive” and “adaptive” mobile friendly websites for as low as $747.

†Research among 1,088 US adult Smartphone users conducted by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger in July 2012 discovered some amazing facts.  According to “Google Mobile Ads Blog.”


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