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There’s a growing trend away from desktop searches toward mobile searches. And why wouldn’t there

Mobile ready means more customers

be? A mobile device is a tiny computer with a web browser that you can carry in your pocket. Most people carry their mobile device – smart phone everywhere they go. Even when at home and going to you know where…

If you want your site to be part of this revolution, it needs to be easy for searchers to find. You’ve got to understand how people use these devices differently for searches.

Instant Gratification

Mobile users have even shorter attention spans than desktop web surfers. They’re looking for specific key information while PC users often look for more general stuff. PC users are more leisurely about their searching, wandering around the web reading this or watching that.

When people search on mobile devices, they’re on the move. They need to find a good restaurant for lunch or directions to get somewhere. They may be looking for reviews of certain products they’re shopping for offline.

Offer Fun and Helpful Apps

People don’t just surf on their mobiles; they want to DO stuff. It’s all about interactivity and that’s why offering an app is the best way to reach them. Apps are software programs that entertain your users or help them accomplish things. An app can be a fun game or puzzle, or it can help them find local restaurants or provide maps.

The idea is that your app is something they’ll use every day, which means they’ll be in contact with your brand constantly, and they’ll also be constantly seeing your link. If your app is a success, you’ll get lots of traffic from it.

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

One of the main things people are doing on their mobiles is socializing. Social media use on smartphones has been on the rise and it’s predicted to keep on rising. The most popular sites are Facebook and Twitter, both of which are creating more apps and features for mobiles. Other sites like Instagram, which lets you edit and share photos, are also heavily used.

If you want more traffic from mobiles, strengthen your social media presence. Optimize your profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and get into a routine of posting updates, commenting, and creating content. Make all of the content on your mobile site easy to share with buttons and widgets. If a visitor likes something on your site, they can instantly share with their social media friends.

Go Code Crazy

Another way to drive traffic to mobiles is to use QR codes. These are odd-looking black and white pixelated patterns that work like bar codes. When a QR code is scanned by a mobile device, it redirects the device’s browser to your website. This is quicker and more convenient than entering a URL or clicking a link. There are lots of creative ways you can use QR codes by plastering them all over your promotional materials.

Right now, lots of businesses see the mobile Internet as a sort of passing fad, but it’s definitely here to stay. In the years ahead, tech experts predict that mobile searches are going to pass up desktop searches. Don’t be one of the businesses that fall behind. Get your mobile going!

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