Have You Been Ignoring the Mobile Market? It’s Time for a Change!

The mobile market is huge and it’s only growing. Sales of mobile devices are skyrocketing and some experts predict the mobile web may become THE web of the future. Unfortunately, lots of businesses are ignoring this trend and paying the price.

When potential customers are on the go, they are looking for easy access to information. They don’t want to go through the trouble of having to resize your site on their smart mobile phone and scroll endlessly to find the information they are looking for. Mobile search-ability is big business, especially when potential customers are trying to find information in a hurry.

Use Mobile Marketing Effectively!

Think about your past mobile phone experiences. What worked for you? What products did you order? Did you register for a newsletter or join a club? Did you scan a QR code to get more information or a discount? Did the merchant email or text you with a thank-you note and give you a reason to do business again?

A great GoSocial Mobi site with sizzling graphics is memorable, but don’t forget the commerce side of having a mobile website. A fully functional mobile-ready site turns visitors into actual customers. A non-mobile-ready site turns them away!

It’s About Location, Location, Location…

Imagine – someone is on their lunch break wandering around town looking for a slice of pizza. When they are a few blocks from your pizza shop, a coupon automatically shoots to their smart phone. It offers a lunch deal for today only and, if they click it, it gives them a navigation map from their current location to your shop.

It almost sounds like a science fiction film, but it’s real. Businesses can now do this through the magic of mobile. It’s called ‘location based marketing.’ Unlike desktops, mobile devices have integral GPS. In fact, search engines use this to your advantage for mobile marketing. The closest merchants get a higher ranking on a mobile user’s search. People are visual; they like to see a map of where you are. Through location based software, your business can offer time sensitive coupons to people that are searching nearby.

Grow Your Business with SMS Marketing

Let’s face the truth, when was the last time you read a long-winded email from a merchant? Most likely, you started reading it and then hit delete. SMS (text message) is perfect for mobile users.

Consumers love to pay less for what they were already going to buy anyway. What better way to give them what they want than with coupons? By having customers opt-in to your SMS messages in exchange for a discount or coupon, you gain two-fold. First, by giving them exactly what they want, and secondly by building brand loyalty. Remember, mobile use is growing exponentially over desktop computer usage and people are more likely to open and read text messages these days than email.

Make It Fun!

Have you thought about QR codes? With so many smart phones on the market, give your customers another way to stay connected. Statistically, 33% of mobile users will scan a QR code if they perceive a value for them. It’s a fast and easy way for them to connect with you to get discounts.

QR codes can be scanned by any smart phone camera to reveal anything you can think up. Send people to a website, or an audio file, or a cool video that they can share. With QR codes, you can do all sorts of things to keep your customers engaged.

Kick It Up a Notch!

Mobile apps are perfect for sharing instant information with your customers. With interactive features like push notifications, you can turn your mobile app into a coupon machine! Link your mobile app with your social media accounts, and you’re giving your company a way to directly interact with the folks who buy from you. People love to do business with PEOPLE they know and trust. Digital interaction should not be underutilized when your business is trying to stay connected to your customers.

Beat the Rush to the Top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Others!

The way people use the mobile Web is entirely different from the PC Web. When you surf the Internet on your computer, you’re sitting at your desk in a nice chair with a hot cup of coffee. Mobile Web surfers are on the bus, on the couch, walking, at work, and hopefully for our safety not driving. They’re on the go and what this means is that they have ZERO patience.

Mobile search spiders look for sites that offer a good user experience. This means that your site must be clear and easy to navigate. It shouldn’t be crammed full of text or pages that load slowly. The carefully-chosen keywords in your Web content tell the spiders what your site’s about. For PC sites, you might choose a number of different keywords to optimize each page for. With mobile sites, this is a no-no.

The reason is that you’ve got less text to work with. If you crammed a mobile site full of as much text as you’d put on a regular site, it’d be impossible to read. For a mobile site, you need to choose fewer keywords and use them more effectively. All of this requires expertise, knowing how to say it in as few words as possible, but getting exposure to key words that get your site more traffic.

Mobile is only going to continue to grow. While this trend is still on the rise, now is the time to make sure your business isn’t being left behind.

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